Introducing the

Finding Your Wings -Purpose Workshop-

“I loved Roni’s RFP COURSE! All of the talk about “self-love” used to confuse and even annoy me. Now I understand the true meaning of “self-love”. It’s about embracing all of the parts of ourselves. It was a process, but I now understand myself on a whole new level. Highly recommend this for anyone on the path of self-discovery.”


“This work is fascinating, and it was a gift to have Roni share

her experiences and navigate us through this very personal work. She

created a sacred place where I felt encouraged and supported. With her

guidance I learned a lot about myself, I’m definitely going back for more.


“Roni has given me tools to help identify when I am falling into my old thoughts or thoughts that will not

serve me. These tools are not another thing on my to do list. These

tools and developing habits have helped me become more

self-aware ​and to look at things from all different angles.”



The vision and purpose for your life is not something you makeup, it’s what you are already made of. It is your true power, your essence, your genius, and the source of your abundance. It’s all your gifts lit on fire shining as one for the world to see.  When you’re cut off from it, you don’t just fail to fulfill your potential, you experience many other side-effects…

The challenges you face in the other areas of your life – wealth, health, work, relationships, spirituality, etc. – are often symptoms of a disconnection from this divine pattern to your purpose, a vision and passion that is hiding within you. This divine pattern is what we refer to as our PURPOSE!

That’s why all the many attempts we spend to solve those other problems don’t work – because they’re just symptoms not the cause.  In this program we get to the ‘cause’ so that all the beautiful areas of your life are shining in balance and grace.

When you tap back into the vision of your purpose and turn it into your passion, you activate this alignment and inner power and this is the beginning to dissolving many of the problems you’ve been struggling with.

It’s truly miraculous what’s possible when you unleash the power of your true purpose, passion and potential!

I am so excited you have decided to take this journey with me!  Here’s to a whole new you! Congratulations for saying YES to you! Get ready for a magical adventure!!!

When I help clients like you bring their gifts and talents out into the world it creates a tremendous ripple effect. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be your guide throughout this program.

What you can expect...

I’m telling you, when you get on board with me and this program I will work to the bone to make sure that you have all the tools you need to live this beautiful journey!  It’s not hard really!  We have just been conditioned to believe that it is hard. I will help you shift that mindset.

We will change the mindset first.

As your coach we will work daily and weekly on teaching you energy clearing tools, meditation techniques, daily affirmations (the ones that actually work for you) and journaling guidelines to keep you strong and on track. This will help you as you work through the program.  These are extra goodies I give to help support you on this journey together.

I am so excited to share all of this with you and show you how I finally came to live in this place myself, knowing in my heart that this work ‘WORKS’. 

My true purpose in this world is to get you to yours. 

My purpose is in your purpose. 

Why? So that we may all elevate the world to a new and healing place of love and gratitude.

How this works: 

Step 1: Assessment

This program isn’t for everyone! I’m not going to lie, this work is intense and it is real! 

It will take grit and commitment to really change all the old belief systems that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams. It is NOT therapy, remember you have already tried that. And if you haven’t, trust me this is A LOT different. 

This is a new approach with a completely different outcome than the books you have read, the workshops and the courses you have taken in the past. I promise you. 

As I said before It’s not for everyone. 

You must be aligned in a place that you are ready to truly own your power, take ownership and push through into your lightness. It takes diligence and everyday work. I promise that I will support you on on your journey.  

Think about this, How long did it take you to get into the habits you have today?  So we will be creating new habits for your heart and your mind in this course.

 If you are looking for a quick fix this isn’t it, I promise you. 

This takes Courage. Love, Strength and Compassion. 

I promise you, it will be a journey of discovery and self healing you have never known.   As your coach, I will push you with compassion and love, as we work through these weeks together. If you are truly ready to do what it takes to find your wholeness and gain your power back, then


Step 2: Showing Up

This is not your typical coaching scenario.  This is a group collaborated course. To where as a collective group of individuals, such as yourself, are on the same journey to uncovering their TRUE PURPOSE.  

Why a group?  

It is so powerful to have a collective group together going through the journey together, this provides extra support and tons of learning experiences.  When we share we all grow and learn from one another. I always say, that surrounding yourself with people that are on your same path is hugely profound when aiming high.  It is a place to receive and give support as we together find our truth, passion and purpose. 


This is a 6-week session. Yep, you heard me, 6 full weeks of my dedicated attention to your journey!  

We will meet as a group once a week via video call for 1 ½ to 2 hours at a time.  The time frame will depend on the work that is being done as it fluctuates week to week. 

We will be sharing and providing support during these sessions together.  It is so vital to be present as you will receive so much growth from another’s story.  Trust me on this!

Remember though, to get the true breakthroughs you are needing, it is super duper important that you do your best to be present and ready to do the work.   It will be a place of safety, love and tons of uber support.  

Each week you will be given a new task and new challenge.  It is so very important that these are executed!!!! You are the driver, I am just the navigator!  If you want transformation in your life the work is a must!

What will you get in this approach?

What WON’T you get is the bigger question? 

You will gain your life back bigger and brighter than you ever thought possible!!!!

(If a group setting isn’t your thing, its ok, i got you.  Head over to the 1 on 1 coaching page where you can see that program.)

Step 3: Self Care

It is so important while we are doing this work that we are clearing our energy and maintaining balance.  The work isn’t ALL hard, silly goose, it will actually be so much fun as you learn to give yourself permission to take care of you!

You will gain new techniques each week, such as, mindfulness meditation’s, guided meditations, inspirational clips, journaling prompts and daily affirmations that are the right fit for you. 

I take pride in making sure each client of mine is given the tools that work best for them.  What does that mean? It means if I think you need extra tools, or different tools, I will make sure you recieve these. We are all traveling on our own journey with our own luggage.  Each luggage containing different content, we will work with your’s piece by peice.

The Nuts and Bolts
  • This program is designed in a group setting. What does that mean? Every week we will meet via a group Zoom call. This gives you the opportunity to show up fulley as you are guided through the work utilizing the growth and breakthroughs from others. It is a place of sharing and support as we tackle this journey together.
  • Each week you will be given take home exercises as well as some tools we will be doing together on our calls.  
  •  You will receive PDF files to print or read as you work through some of these exercises alone and together as a group. It will be important to get your work done before coming into the session.  (and don’t worry, I’m not a drill sergeant, I get it when life gets in the way.)
  • Each week we will do a  2 hour zoom call (don’t worry this is easy) along with the fact that I am at your fingertips with guidance and support beyond this. You will recieve a link that you can either call into or jump on a video with us.  I will teach you how to turn the video off as well. See Im taken all the nerves out of it. Oh and it’s free, and you can use it on your phone or computer. The reason I use zoom, is so I can record it and send it back out to you for your review or if you happen to miss one.  
  •   Each week I would like your work/journals/letters ready for our call together.
  • You will also have access to our Facebook Private group where you can share and ask questions. This is a community designed for only those that have taken this course or are currently in the program.  It is a great place to connect with like minded people, as well as get support if you need guidance. I will join in daily as I will also have some Alumni’s there to help guide you in the process. You will LOVE them!
  • You will be receiving pre recorded meditations and inspiration from yours truly.
    • Here are the different areas of your life we will dive into.  Realizing most of our issues are old beliefs that are running many areas of our lives, when embraced and integrated we take back our power as we live the life of our dreams!


    • Who Are You? 
    • Uncovering the old belief patterns that are running our lives.  
    • Re-writing the narrative, decoding the downloads that hold us back from living our purpose 
    • Finding your Gold. Uncovering your gifts.
    • Our beliefs around Relationships
    • The beliefs around Wealth (what are the beliefs we hold onto?  Are they ours?)
    • The beliefs around Purpose (what holds you back from living your purpose)
      • I cannot wait to travel this truly transformational journey with you.  What are you waiting for? 

        Did you know I offer 1 hour FREE breakthrough sessions?  If your not sure if this is a good fit for you, LET”S CHAT! 

        I promise you if you take this leap of faith you won’t be sorry!  

        May you find love and peace as you “Find Your Wings!”


        Luvs,~Roni ~Contact me @ if you have any questions.

      In Their Own Words:

      “Roni is a very gifted healer and a truly magnificent human being.

      Her sessions put me into a very deep relaxing state and I emerge out of them calmer, more relieved and centered. She is patient, focused, gentle and genuinely devoted to her practice of helping individuals.  

      While there may be Reiki practitioners and others well versed in the healing arts, she intuitively understands physical and emotional conditions in a thoroughly holistic way to effect real changes. I am so grateful I found her. She was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it!