Your Purpose is My Purpose

Wow, I can’t believe the wonderfully immense transformation that has occurred in my life in 21 days. Indeed, a blessing, Transformation Coach Roni Roehlk has the healing touch.  I am grateful for all the love and wisdom she has shared. When I started this transformation, I had no expectations. I was unaware how much this spiritual and holistic work would impact on my life.  Roni has provided techniques to get me on the path of healing. During the 21 days, an awaking had occurred. I came to the realization, the healing starts with connection with people, the earth, and spirit. A few of these techniques included meditation, self-care, journaling, and reiki.  These tools have opened my heart and mind to new ways of thinking. When I started this journey, I felt stuck in my life. Especially in my career, it was stressful & toxic. Every day I would say I want to leave, but I had my family counting on me. Like any good mother, I would suck it up and sacrifice for my family. I’d surrender my happiness, peace, and health.  Wow, a huge price to pay for some health insurance & benefits. I was a shell of myself. I did not recognize the person in the mirror. My true self knew I had to leave the job but how? I am one hell of courageous women to survive in that environment for the last 

- Dee

Hello, my name is Roni Roehlk Carver

… and for more than half of my life I have been studying energy through many modalities. I started studying meditation in my early 20’s, searching for my own inner peace along with my higher purpose. In my own personal drive I came to understand that all of our
answers are held within our own universal power. Through this journey I started
to incorporate many healing energy modalities. As of today I am a Reiki Master/
Energy healer, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, along side a Holistic & Purpose
Life Coach. My personal purpose and drive in this life is to guide others into their
own awakening, healing and purpose. I believe we all have the universal power and
intuitive nature to guide us on the path we were meant to live in life and in health.
My mission is to give you a safe space in which you may grow, as you tap into
your own innate abilities. We were all born with this inner wisdom and knowing.
My goal is to awaken you as you are reminded of ‘who you are’ and the beauty &
power that already lies within. I look forward to walking this journey with you.

I recently went through Roni’s RFP program. I have never heard of this type of work with working with our shadow selves.  I do believe that this is a very useful process that I plan on continuing. I was very impressed with Roni’s teachings and most of all her kind personality and true passion for helping others find their truth. She was very humble, honest and knowledge. She was strong yet gentle and comforting. This work is fascinating, and it was a gift to have Roni share her experiences and navigate us through this very personal work. She created a sacred place where I felt encouraged and supported. With her guidance I learned a lot about myself, I’m definitely going back for more. 

Kelly Kelley

- Kelly