Introducing the

The 21 Day Transformation Challenge

Participating in Roni’s was one of the most powerful gifts I gave myself.  It was a safe environment to go a bit deep to the “dark side” to understand what drives me and what was holding me back from living a life of self love.  When you do this, you start to see the light, and realize there is so much MAGIC THERE! It was life changing!

What I appreciate about Roni is her passion, commitment, and ability to connect with the person she is working with.  Whether individually (as I experienced), or in a group format (which I also experienced).

Thank you Roni for being authentic, unique, and a great white spirit!”

~Sandi P

For years I recognized a feeling inside myself that I couldn’t explain.  Bottom line is I didn’t like myself. I didn’t know how to fill this void.  Then I found Roni.   

She instantly makes you feel at ease, is very relatable in more ways than one, and has a true gift of helping people in ways I can’t even describe. What I left with and learned, was so much more than I ever thought I would.  I left with a TRUE understanding of who I am, why I behave in ways I do, and all the devastating things that I’ve been through have only made me the amazing ME I am today.”


“Roni has given me tools to help identify when I am falling into my old thoughts or thoughts that will not

serve me. These tools are not another thing on my to do list. These

tools and developing habits have helped me become more

self-aware ​and to look at things from all different angles.”


Are you ready to create real and lasting momentum in your life? 

Here’s the deal, we are coming to the end of the year with a major energy shift happening right now that is going to propel us into a major transformation in 2020.  

Maybe some of you have already been feeling it?  I know I have!

So, what are we going to do?  How do we get prepared? And more importantly what is it you want to Shift or Transform in your life?  

Start Here!

 The time is now to start to make clear decisions on where it is you are wanting to go, what it is you are wanting to manifest.  You can only manifest what you begin to see, and if your vision is clouded by illusions of stories that aren’t yours to hold on to, well then, it’s time to do some house cleaning.  Don’t you think? So, with that said, I want to help you along this journey to Reclaim your Power and rejoice in a inner love that has NO boundaries, judgements or regrets. A type of love that is filled with unconditional freedom. 

This is the prep work ya’ll! 

For 21 days I will give you tools, meditations, exercises, affirmation tricks, and journaling prompts to help strengthen your inner power as we create the life we desire & deserve.  When we live to our totality of who we truly are the Universe responds! You will begin to see massive shifts happen for yourself and your life! You weren’t sent here to play small!!!!  You were sent here to live in all your GREATNESS! And the time to start in NOW!


I truly want Transformation for you!!!!  I will be on this journey with you doing the work alongside you!  So, let’s do this and make Shit happen!  



Pay with 4 weekly payments of $11.00

Pay with one payment of $33.00

In Their Own Words:

“Roni is a very gifted healer and a truly magnificent human being.

Her sessions put me into a very deep relaxing state and I emerge out of them calmer, more relieved and centered. She is patient, focused, gentle and genuinely devoted to her practice of helping individuals.  

While there may be Reiki practitioners and others well versed in the healing arts, she intuitively understands physical and emotional conditions in a thoroughly holistic way to effect real changes. I am so grateful I found her. She was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it!